how to fix sleep schedule

How to fix sleep schedule?

If you are having trouble sleeping, there are some tips you can use to fix your sleep schedule. These tips include pre-sleep routines, exercising, and avoiding naps. In addition, you can try resetting your circadian rhythm. You can find more tips on how to fix your sleep schedule in WebMD. Pre-sleep routine If you’ve had […]

how to get better sleep

How to get better sleep?

If you have trouble falling asleep, you might want to see your doctor. The doctor will be able to determine if changes are needed in your sleep patterns. He or she may refer you to a sleep specialist if necessary. Other measures that can improve sleep include controlling noise in your bedroom, keeping a consistent […]

how to sleep with lower back pain

How to sleep with lower back pain?

One way to get a good night’s sleep with lower back pain is to find a comfortable position to sleep in. You can prop up your spine by placing a pillow or rolled towel under the areas that feel the most strain. This will help provide more support while you sleep and reduce pain in […]

how to fall asleep fast

How to fall asleep fast?

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, the best way to fall asleep fast is to focus on your body. This can be done through acupressure, the military method, or even a cool room. But before we get to those, let’s take a look at some simple tips for falling asleep. Easy ways to […]

what causes sleep paralysis

What causes sleep paralysis?

Research on sleep paralysis shows that 7.6% of people suffer from the condition. Males are slightly less likely to suffer from sleep paralysis than females. The disorder can start at any age but typically manifests during adolescence or early adulthood. However, episodes can occur more frequently in the later decades. People with a history of […]